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For all the readers!

We're having a 50% OFF BOOK SALE Thursday, March 16th to Sunday the 19th, we're having a 50% OFF BOOK SALE Thursday, March 16th to Sunday the 19th and if you'd like to hear that again, we're having a 50% OFF BOOK SALE Thursday March 16th to Sunday the 19th. Don't miss your chance to buy the half-off book of your dreams.

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And you, Beyoncé?

Marc Antony is having a birthday again and we thought we'd like to share it with you, by saving 25% OFF anything you buy on Tuesday, March 14th.

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Dollar Clothes - Need I say more? First Saturday of EVERY month!

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We are the Champions!

Philly AIDS Thrift is proud to announce that we've topped the list and won a couple thrift store awards for being THE best Thrift Store in Philadelphia.

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Philly AIDS Thrift On-Site HIV Testing Center

Philly AIDS Thrift now has a rapid HIV testing center RIGHT IN OUR STORE!

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Sales are Everyday, All Day!

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The best part of Philly AIDS Thrift is the abundance of sales! Generously donated items arrive all day long, and that means we need to move our merchandise fast! So you can always anticipate SWEET SALES on tons of items throughout the store.

There are monthly rotating color-coded discounts on clothing, knick-knacks, and housewares tags.

Once you’ve thoroughly pillaged the racks and shelves, look for our infamous Dollar Bins and Dollar Racks. Here you’ll find men’s and women’s T’s, jeans, shirts, jackets…heck, you name it, we got it!!

Last but not least, we are bursting at the seams with furniture, televisions, and stereos. We also get fine china, quality artwork, and all manner of interesting, exotic and unique antiques, artifacts and tchotkes–large and small.