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Scotch tape, it's magic!

Scotch tape first sold on this day in 1930 and we want to show you how it's stuck with us. Tuesday, January 31st.

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We are the Champions!

Philly AIDS Thrift is proud to announce that we've topped the list and won a couple thrift store awards for being THE best Thrift Store in Philadelphia.

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Philly AIDS Thrift On-Site HIV Testing Center

Philly AIDS Thrift now has a rapid HIV testing center RIGHT IN OUR STORE!

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Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni's Room

PhillyAIDSThrift@Giovanni's Room (12th and Pine) brings America's oldest Gay and Lesbian bookstore back to life and expands it to include something for everyone. We're just the most charming and unique store in Center City now.

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  • We are the Champions!

    Posted on by site-manager

    We won the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Thrift Store AND we were NUMBER ONE on Foursquare’s list of The Fifteen Top Thrift and Vintage Shops in Philly. Read it here:


    Us ^

    Our charming annex, Philly AIDS Thrift@ Giovanni’s Room (at 12th and Pine), was #8 on Foursquare’s tally. Someday we will hold ALL fifteen spots on the list!

    Where’s the Beefnyx?

    Posted on by site-manager

    We all have that concern, right?  That over arching possible thought that keeps you tossing and turning in the night and at some times in the day. It’s that thought of just what it would be like to be eaten by a dinosaur. For this sale, which we take very seriously, we want you to tell our cashiers which carnivorous dinosaur would you be most honored to be eaten by a Raptor, a T. Rex or the Baronyx and receive 25% OFF ANYTHING you buy that day. Think carefully because once that dinosaur takes its last bite, you’re through.


    Flesh, Trash or Heat?

    Posted on by site-manager

    We’re celebrating your new favorite filmmaker’s birthday, Paul Morrissey, director of Warhol’s Presents films Heat and Flesh and Trash starring actor Joe D’Allesandro.  Come to our store on Tuesday, February 23rd and tell us which one you prefer to “netflix and chill” to and receive 25% off ANYTHING you buy that day.



    Here’s his film HEAT in it’s entirety on Youtube for FREE: