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Philly AIDS Thrift On-Site HIV Testing Center

Philly AIDS Thrift now has a rapid HIV testing center RIGHT IN OUR STORE!

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Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni's Room

PhillyAIDSThrift@Giovanni's Room (12th and Pine) brings America's oldest Gay and Lesbian bookstore back to life and expands it to include something for everyone. We're just the most charming and unique store in Center City now.

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    This Sunday, yes, this Sunday, February 19th is Valentine’s Day, the one day of the year that we must love, love, love each other and we’re showing our love, love, love for you with our REDDEST sale this year. One day only, ANYTHING you purchase that is RED (or has RED in it) will be 50% OFF for the entire day.

    V day

    Show us your love and we’ll show you ours!

    Flesh, Trash or Heat?

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    We’re celebrating your new favorite filmmaker’s birthday, Paul Morrissey, director of Warhol’s Presents films Heat and Flesh and Trash starring actor Joe D’Allesandro.  Come to our store on Tuesday, February 23rd and tell us which one you prefer to “netflix and chill” to and receive 25% off ANYTHING you buy that day.



    Here’s his film HEAT in it’s entirety on Youtube for FREE:

    Philly AIDS Thrift On-Site HIV Testing Center

    Posted on by site-manager

    Philly AIDS Thrift is excited to announce our new, drop-in HIV testing center on the second floor of our store at 710 S. 5th Street. Open since June 2015, the center offers free, rapid HIV testing in a safe, welcoming, and easily accessible location.

    We have partnered with five local HIV/AIDS service organizations in order to provide these vital services every weekend: Action AIDS, Bebashi, GALAEI, Mazzoni Center, and Philadelphia FIGHT.

    November Schedule:                       Get Tested at Philly AIDS Thrift


    Saturday, February 6th: 12-4pm (Mazzoni)
    Sunday, February 7th: 12-4pm (Mazzoni)

    Friday, February 12th: 12-4pm (Bebashi)
    Saturday, February 13th: 12-4pm (Bebashi)

    Saturday, February 20th: 12-4pm (GALAEI)
    Sunday, February 21st: 12-4pm (GALAEI)

    Friday, February 26th: 12-4 AND 5-9pm
    Saturday, February 27th : 12-4pm

    Who should get tested?

    HIV testing is recommended for anyone between the ages of 13 and 64 as part of routine healthcare. You can’t tell if you have HIV by appearance or health symptoms— HIV testing is the only way to get an accurate diagnosis. Testing is especially recommended for anyone who is sexually active, uses needles to inject drugs or hormones, or has been treated for a sexually transmitted infection.

    HIV doesn’t discriminate based on sexual orientation, relationship status, race, or age. So get tested today!

    How does testing work?

    Services are offered in a private and confidential space in the comfort of our store. You can get results in as little as 20 minutes. Rapid testing is performed by certified HIV test counselors who can provide emotional support, link you to care services, and help keep you and your loved ones healthy.