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  • COVID-19/Philly AIDS Thrift Update: Closed

    Posted on by drew

    Despite our desire to reopen as soon as possible—our main store at 710 S. 5th Street and PAT @ Giovanni’s Room at 12th and Pine will remain closed until further notice. We are hopeful actions such as ours will help slow the spread of Covid19 at this critical time. Our plan now is to re-open as soon as the City and State Officials give us the go ahead.

    We would like recognize and pay tribute to the many workers of all kinds who will continue doing their jobs while so many of the rest of us are taking this time off– the people who work in hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations, utilities, the police, fire fighters, EMTs, truckers, farmers and so many others. Let’s all treat them with extra respect and show them gratitude however we can. They are the ones that will make it possible for the rest of us to get through a difficult time.

    We are fortunate to be in good shape financially and able to weather this closure (THANK YOU shoppers, donors and volunteers), but please keep in mind that many local, small businesses and their employees will be in a precarious position because of this emergency. When we get through this, they will be in great need of your patronage and support.

    Check in with your elderly family and neighbors and also your friends and loved ones with health issues, lend a hand when you can.

    Check back here for updates. See you all soon. And THANKS for sharing.