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  • Happy Birthday Bill of Rights!

    Posted on by site-manager

    On Tuesday, December 15th 1791, James Madison declared your right to savings and on that day 224 years later, just tell our cashiers your favorite inalienable right, from the first 10, and ANYTHING you buy that day is 25% OFF.


     Bear those arms and save.

    Happy Birthday Ru Paul!

    Posted on by site-manager

    Happy Birthday Ru Paul and Louis XVIII!  On Tuesday, November 17th in celebration of these most glorious of creations Philly AIDS Thrift will offer 25% off anything in the store if you tell our cashiers, Who Wears Their Drag Better? Lou or Ru.


    Choose wisely.

    Look who’s talking NOW?

    Posted on by site-manager

    Do you hear that? On October 6th the first talking picture, The JAZZ SINGER, debuted in 1927.  On that day, 88 years later, just tell our cashiers whether you think talking movies are A FAD or HERE TO STAY and anything you buy that day is 25% OFF.

     We’ll see if you’re right.