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  • We’re having a Book Sale!

    Posted on by site-manager

    On Thursday, December 15th thru Sunday, December 18th ALL books, magazines and comic books are 50% OFF!


    Don’t forget to check out the Dollar Room Dead End where .29 cent books are just 8 for $1!

    4 days ONLY! Read till you can’t read no more!

    Welcome to your Doom, Mary.

    Posted on by site-manager

    Let’s get ready to rumble! Between the greats, the bloodsucking DRACULA, the hairy bodied WOLFMAN and the OG zombie, FRANKENSTEIN’S Monster.  Just tell our cashiers who you think would win in a fair fight…for your heart, and take 25% OFF ANYTHING your purchase that day.



    We are the Champions!

    Posted on by site-manager

    We won the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Thrift Store AND we were NUMBER ONE on Foursquare’s list of The Fifteen Top Thrift and Vintage Shops in Philly. Read it here:


    Us ^

    Our charming annex, Philly AIDS Thrift@ Giovanni’s Room (at 12th and Pine), was #8 on Foursquare’s tally. Someday we will hold ALL fifteen spots on the list!