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  • Art Sale!!!

    Posted on by site-manager

    Do you appreciate great art? Or not so great art? Are you an aspiring artist or art student? Well we’ve got tons of great paintings, frames of all sizes, and random art supplies that are all going on sale for 50% Off. Bring your friends, and deck out your walls like never before. Join us on, Thurs. – Sunday for this spectacular savings event.


    Happy Good Bad and Ugly Birthday Sergio Leone!

    Posted on by site-manager

    On Tuesday, January 3rd just show up with a fist full of dollars and tell our cashiers who would you most want to have you back in a gun fight, The GOOD, The BAD or The UgLy and save 25% OFF your Entire Purchase.


    Sometimes you can be Good, Bad and Ugly.

    Welcome to your Doom, Mary.

    Posted on by site-manager

    Let’s get ready to rumble! Between the greats, the bloodsucking DRACULA, the hairy bodied WOLFMAN and the OG zombie, FRANKENSTEIN’S Monster.  Just tell our cashiers who you think would win in a fair fight…for your heart, and take 25% OFF ANYTHING your purchase that day.